Cavapoochon Puppies For Sale

The Cavapoochon is a triple-cross breed, with the best mix of characteristics of the Cavalier King Charles, Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle. The result is one adorable toy dog that looks like a puppy even when they get old.
This hybrid puppy is a great combination of the most desirable breeds for the perfect blend of their endearing characteristics. Not only do they have a longer lifespan, 18-20 years, but they’re also completely hypoallergenic, making them perfect pets for people with common pet allergies.
Parent Breeds

Bichon Frise

The bichon frisé is considered a great all-around pet that is a playful yet gentle dog. Bichons get along well with other pets. They are generally considered very good with kids. Bichons are active dogs, but they don’t need too much room to play and are suitable for apartment living. Bichons are not very vocal, which is a bonus if you live in the city.


The Cavapoo also sometimes referred to as a Cavoodle is a distinct designer breed of paring a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle. Our Cavapoos and mini Cavapoos are small adorable puppies that typically weigh 10 to 20 pounds depending on their parents’ size.

Upcoming Cavapoochon Puppies For Sale

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Ollie and MaryAnn are expecting a litter of Cavapoochon Puppies. They will be approximately 15 lbs full grown.
Miniature Poodle

Why Choose A Cavapoochon?

These canines are very cheerful and playful, and get along perfectly with children, making them ideal family pets.

The loving Cavapoochon is also very dependable, and will smother you with endless kisses and love. Always looking to make new friends, this breed is extremely sociable, and usually gets along very well with other dogs, humans and sometimes even cats!

What Are Cavapoochons Like?

Known as the dog that never grows old, the Cavapoochon is one of those special breeds that captured the hearts of the masses by storm. With their adorable puppy-eyes, fluffy coats and small bodies, this man-made breed quickly grew in popularity across the US.

Cavapoochons are famous for their teddy bear-like appearance. Their big round eyes also keep them looking like a puppy, even when they are fully grown. This is what makes them so attractive to dog owners – especially those with children.

Why Buy From Prairie Hill Puppies?

The great part about buying a Cavapoochon from Prairie Hill Puppies is that with 15 years of breeding experience gives us the knowledge as Cavapoochon breeders to provide outstanding puppies from health tested parents by paw print genetics for your family. 

We provide a lifetime of support to serve you.  If you think you may be interested in getting a puppy from us, explore our website and contact us anytime.