Cavachon Puppies For Sale

When you’re looking for the best Cavachon puppies for sale, come to Prairie Hill Puppies. Our wonderful Cavachon puppies are exceptional dogs created by breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with a Bichon Frise. This pairing results in an adorable, fun loving puppy weighing between 15 and 20 pounds when fully mature.
Found in the U.S. since the 1990’s, Cavachons are small in size, but big in devotion. They are one of the most loving designer dog breeds available today, able to form tight bonds with their owners. They also can live between 10 to 15 years. If you are interested, Prairie Hill Puppies can help you in finding just the right Cavachon or Mini Cavachon for your family.
Parent Breeds

Cavalier King Charles

The Cavalier in many ways fits the bill as an ideal house pet. He is sweet, gentle, playful, willing to please, affectionate, and quiet. He equally enjoys sharing time on the couch or on a walk.

He neither digs nor barks excessively. He is amiable toward other dogs, pets, and strangers. Outdoors, his spaniel heritage kicks in, and he loves to explore, sniff, and chase

Bichon Frise

The bichon frisé is considered a great all-around pet that is a playful yet gentle dog. Bichons get along well with other pets. They are generally considered very good with kids.

Bichons are active dogs, but they don't need too much room to play and are suitable for apartment living. Bichons are not very vocal, which is a bonus if you live in the city.

Cavachons For Sale

Cavalier King Charles Male

Cavachon Puppies For Sale

Due: 11-12-20
Available: Jan 2021
Price: $2000
Bronson and Lola have a litter of Cavapoo Puppies, due in November, with a go home date of January 2021
Bichon Frise Female

Why Choose A Cavachon?

There are many benefits to the Cavachon breed. – from low-shedding to hypoallergenic fur to personalities that have lots of energy without being overly hyper. The Cavachon is truly one of the most tolerant designer puppies. It can adapt to many environments, including busy city settings or small apartments.

This means there is a great chance a Cavachon is a good fit for you. Other qualities of the Cavachon are its sweet temperament, adorable appearance, and ability to dwell with children and other pets.

The Cavachon comes in a variety of colors such as red and white, black and tan/phantom, tri-color or various solid colors such as red, apricot, cream, black and even sables.

Why Buy Your Cavachon From Prairie Hill Puppies?

At Prairie Hill Puppies we have over 15 years of breeding experience and are committed to providing you Cavachons for sale from parents that have been genetically tested from paw print genetics. Based in Hutchinson, Kansas we are striving to provide happy healthy puppies to all of our customers. As a result, our puppies are affectionate, sociable dogs raised in a family environment and ready to adapt to your home.

We provide a lifetime of support to serve you. If you think you may be interested in getting a puppy from us, explore our website and contact us anytime.