Prairie Hill Puppies: Exceptional Puppies for Exceptional People

At Prairie Hill Puppies, we know that responsible dog ownership is a lot of work, but that the dogs repay that many times every day.

We are experienced, responsible, dog breeders who have been raising quality Doodle puppies since 2003. We’ve added Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes to our breeds, and we also sell Old English Sheepdogs.

We are Curtis and Karen Golden, and we welcome you to the wonderful world of special dogs for special people!

When you take in a dog, you’re taking on a major commitment, and we are part of that. We provide forever support, with services that include training, documentation, and vet-approved food, toys, and grooming products.

When you put a deposit down to buy a puppy, you will get photos/videos of the litters so you can choose your puppy; you are welcome to come to Prairie Hill Puppies to pick up your pooch at 8 weeks, or you can choose another pick-up method.

We do ask for a deposit to reserve your puppy, but you won’t need to pay the rest of the purchase price until you pick up the dog.

When you do get the dog, make sure you bring a carry bag or an extra pair of hands; we’ll give you a toy, some sample food, and other products to ease the transition from our home to yours.

We call ourselves Doodle Breeders, but we also sell Old English Sheepdogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes as well .

Prairie Hill Puppies breeds include:

Every breed is ridiculously cute and delightful, but each one has different characteristics. Read up on them to learn which one is right for your home.

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Prairie Hill Puppies: Exceptional Puppies for Exceptional People
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