What Comes With Your Puppy

Scent Blanket for Home.

Sample of Food and NuVet Information.

Toy for Your Puppy.

Vaccination and Deworming Record.


United Pet Registration.

Health Guarantee.

Health Certificate from our Vet.

Puppy Socialization Program

Early Neurological Stimulation. Desensitization to sound TV, Radio, Clippers, Blow Dryer and other noises. Socialization with adults, children, and other dogs. Lots of hugs and kisses. Dog door training and crate training beginning at 5 weeks. This gives our doodle puppies a great start on their potty training. Puppies getting use to grooming and bathing having their ears cleaned and nails trimmed. Indoor and outdoor play and exercise and age appropriate toys.

Our Vet Program

All of our doodle puppies are health checked by Dr. Mark Handlin DVM. before they go to their families to ensure they are happy and healthy when they arrive. His knowledge and years of experience make him an essential part of our breeding program. He and his staff go above and beyond to provide excellent care for all of our animal family.