How Do I Get A Puppy?

Learn more about the purchasing process for your new doodle puppy.

Thankfully, this is the most boring part about getting your puppy!

  • Second, after receiving a response to your application, you can place a deposit to reserve your puppy, or a spot on our waitlist. 

  • Thirdly, if your puppy is already born: 

We will keep you in the loop with pictures/videos, and we will begin

puppy picks at 4 to 5 weeks.

  • After your pick, we will figure out how you are wanting to get your puppy home or picked up when they are ready at 8 weeks.

  • We can charge a boarding fee of $15 a day to hold your puppy if it has not been picked up after a week of it being ready! 

  • If your puppy is not born yet:

Your deposit is holding a puppy out of a future litter. We will keep you in the loop on pairings and when the puppies

are born. Additionally, make sure to review the Puppy Care Guide and order your Nuvet vitamins, your health

guarantee is extended to 3 years by keeping your puppy on them.

  • Lastly, your puppy must be paid in full by time of pick-up or delivery.