Bernedoodles for Sale

The Bernedoodle is a cross between an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog with an AKC Standard Poodle. This magnificent cross breed will have the desirable traits of both the Poodle and the Bernese, making them a great choice for a family companion dog. The Bernedoodle is extremely popular because they are great with children and do well with other house hold pets. Bernedoodles are social, loyal, and loving dogs that are devoted to their family members. We currently only offer the standard size Bernedoodle. They come in a variety of colors from black, black & white, phantom,tri-colored, sable parti and brindle. Bernedoodles range in size from 50-90 pounds and and 23" to 28" inches at the shoulder. Their coat can be curlier to wavy with low to no shedding. Brushing at least once a week will prevent matting and their lifespan is 12-15 years.